Get Rid of the Bins

Moderator: We have a lady who has been standing here quite a while waiting for the next question. Can you give us your name, title, affiliation, and a brief question or comment?

Audience Member: I am Donna Riley, I am from Smith College in Massachusetts, and I have two comments. One is a suggestion for Jeremy as someone who is coming up for tenure in the fall and who has research and engineering education. I have one word of advice, get rid of the bins.


Moderator: How does he do that?

Donna Riley: I think you have to start with yourself, do it internally and you just have to think about how things flow together. The institution may still look at the bins but you can tell your own story and you can cast it in the way that you want.

Moderator: Is that going to work, panel? Good suggestion, bad suggestion?

Gary Gabriele: I think it is a good suggestion, I mean my own personal experience and my own personal advice to young faculty is that you should be doing something you enjoy doing. If what you enjoy doing is engineering education research, as I know Donna is doing, then you should do it there and if it puts you at jeopardy at that institution, maybe you are at the wrong institution.

Jeremy Noonan: I do not think anyone would hire me if they did not want me to do engineering education research at their institution because that is what I am going to be trying to do.

David Radcliffe: I came from an institution where they used to have two categories, there was “a” and “b”. You have to tick the box, you have excellent research in science and teaching. I actually wrote “c”. I will not tell you how the application went, but I am promoted, so…


Moderator: Did you have another comment?

Donna Riley: I suggest also that we begin a conversation about how institutions change because my institution when I arrived was not recognizing engineering education as a legitimate form of scholarship for our tenure evaluations and that has changed. There are a number of things that have happened within our institution that have allowed for that. I think the same thing would be true at Purdue in starting their center and their strategy that I think we could have a conversation about in this year of dialogue.

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